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Defcon 2

by Binary Division

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released June 17, 2016


all rights reserved



Binary Division Cologne, Germany

Riotous sounds. Catchy melodies. Harsh bassdrums. Distorted vocals. Those are the ingredients for cyberpunk sounds that will make you dance in the dystopian night club. Currently a one-man project, a man codenamed 'NeonSynth' delivers the energy that will strike the dancefloors. ... more

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Track Name: Hacker
Connect. Unveil. Observe. Prevail.
Revolt. To Gain. To Crack. Obtain.
The Skills. Increase. The virus. Released
The system. to break. the files. to take

My chance is just a security hole away
I came to hack and to party today
I'll keep pushing so you'll give up
Until the collapse I shall never stop
Track Name: Alone
cold and so dark I am lost in this place
left to decay, left to the waste
a world of emotions connecting the mainframe
constant isolation which makes me insane

frozen my mind I'm just losing my sight
broken the thoughts that have left me to fight
moments I gazed at the starry night
The stars were shining the path of light

Losing control of that what's left of me
calling for warmth, not darkness I see
imprisoned my body to painful damnation
on the verge of dreadful suffocation

Hope has abandoned my life but it's fine
I'm sure that the lost memories will align
Roaming the streets of the dangerous zone
are filled with people yet I feel alone

love, hate - my fate
anger, fear - I'm here
joy, grace - no place
obey, devotion - no emotion
Track Name: My World

The drums, the synths
the sounds are claiming the show
The bass, the sequence
will move the feet below
The samples, the vocals
are just to get you hyped
Just us, the crowd
we just wanna rave toniiiiiight

we just wanna rave tonight


Now come and see
I'll take you to a place
a world of mine
for you to embrace
a vision defined
it feels so much better
the music and sound
which brings us together

the message sent out
to you people in the crowd
let's dance and rave
to the waveforms peaking loud
forgive and forget
for all the sins we had
you can't stop the machine
that is fueling my world


The strobe, the VJ
lights move in directions
The sonic, the speakers
ranging through the spectrum
the cables, the wires
transfer our desires
the mids, the his
through the amplifier

the lead, the sidechain
are pumping down the stage
the dance, the moves
you're going to engage
The club, the floor
we're here to excite
Just us, the crowd
we just wanna rave tonight
Track Name: Sunset Overdrive
A race to the horizon
the danger just keeps risin'
a method that's untold
the story that unfolds

Right closer to the truth
Just gonna need to move
the things I need to prove
will never be removed


Another day does by
I just don't want to try
just to be purified
Under this orange sky

I'm waiting to arrive
I never felt alive
my synthetic life
a sunset overdrive


I feel so exhausted
I don't know what to do
There's nothing left alright
in this endless pursue

No matter how I try
the system's gonna die
But I keep pushing on
not the time now to be gone
Track Name: Resistance
Take the mask and grab the gun
where we goin' there aint no fun
just a bloody war again
against those corporate scum remains

locked on target here we go
I don't care what you say so
just surrender take it slow
or I'll give ya the final blow

this has gone just for too long enough
I feel myself like a puppet, like a dog of war
a slave of wishes for a distant utopia
in this city ruled by corporate machine

hopes and fears giving strenght
for a pleasure that's long gone
like a game that's like chess
it's a war that must be won
come along, come with us
in resistance you can trust
don't be afraid or it's too late
don't stand around or you'll be rust

-- chorus--
Resistance is futile they say
I don't think so
Only time will tell
Strong forces to the front
keep resisting until the end

Slowly wasted you hear my call
a voice drowning in this bullet hell
leading the fight to finish 'em off
tonight's a hell - so join the resistance
Track Name: Riot Rebellion V2
So here we are!
We are united!
You will see how fucked up you're gonna be
We have no mercy, we will resist
We're the ones so the government will be pissed

We're fucking punks
we got no rules
and no corruption can tell us what to do
got to prepare, for the show
set the bomb on fire - start the riot!!


We can't be stopped
We are your nightmare
a deadly hazard from the underground
can you hear all these explosions?
the sweet victory coming that is the sound

You will surrender
to the superior
a sweet taste for you inferior
just get ready when we're around
'cause we're the ones tonight who want to make you go down

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